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LAMY CP1 Fountain Pen

LAMY CP1 Fountain Pen

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The Everyday Journal's best friend. 

This is the perfect everyday carry (EDC) pen.

We write every single day, and we want a pen that we enjoy using and can trust to give a great experience every single time. Meet The Everyday Journal's best friend. 

  • An exceptionally slender, cylindrical fountain pen with a spring-action stainless steel clip.
  • Matte black lacquer finish with polished medium-size steel nib.
  • It comes with a black ink cartridge and a converter filling system for refilling with your favorite ink. More cartridges are available for purchase.
  • Legacy-ready
  • Designer: Gerd A. Müller / Lamy.
  • Dimensions: 5.31 x 0.35 x 3.54 inches.

  • Each purchase plants one tree.

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